Salerno: citizens in favor of technology and awareness campaigns for environmental protection

Small gestures, great crimes

Goodwill and artificial intelligence. According to the people of Salerno, individual commitment associated with science and technology is needed to improve the environmental balance of the city.

The first results of the activities of “Small gestures, large crimes”, the Marevivo awareness campaign carried out with the support of BAT Italia and with the patronage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, of the Municipality of Salerno, in 2022, in 5 Italian cities ( Trieste, Salerno, Pescara, Viareggio and Pordenone) and launched from Trieste last May, show how the people of Salerno believe that the synthesis of actions to improve the environment consists in the right mix between man and machine, the virtuous union between the simplicity of small daily gestures with the complexity of technologies capable of helping people defend their environment.

According to the data of the SWG-RACHAEL survey commissioned by BAT Italia before the start of the awareness campaign against the abandonment of cigarette butts and small waste in the environment, carried out on a sample of 600 Salerno citizens, 85% of citizens declare that the commitment of the individual is central to protecting the environment: the Salerno over 55 (89%) in particular think so, but also young people (86%) recognize how it is necessary to put oneself in the first person, with individual acts, to defend the own territory.

Salerno people recognize the value of technology as a tool to improve the environment: 71% believe that tools such as satellite technology and artificial intelligence can make a difference in the protection of the territory, and only 3% believe that awareness-raising initiatives, even if associated with technology, they will not be useful in improving the environmental balance, because the habits of citizens will not change.

The fact that we must commit ourselves to the environment is not in question in Salerno: 79% of citizens are convinced of this, who believe that the situation of the planet is critical, and 78% who believe that sustainable development and defense the environment are not a fashion.

“Small gestures, big crimes” used satellite technology and machine learning to analyze the state of affairs in relation to the presence of littering in the city – in particular cigarette butts and small waste – before and after the awareness campaign. The results will be announced in October, as part of the Barcolana Sea Summit to be held in Trieste.

“The satellite analyzes carried out with JustonEarth technology – explained Andrea di Paolo, Head of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Area of ​​BAT Southern Europe – are the basis of the ‘Small gestures, great crimes’ project and have numerous and virtuous uses: to measure the phenomenon before, during and after the activation of the awareness campaign, provide useful guidelines to local institutions in terms of safeguarding the territory, and serve to measure the effectiveness of the campaign itself. In the case of Salerno, we carried out a first satellite survey on 7 July, before its launch, and then a series of further steps that made it possible to verify the effectiveness of the awareness campaign “.

The JustonEarth analyzes divided the Municipality of Salerno into a network composed of 398 cells: inside each cell, the spectrographic imprint of cigarette butts and the main small-sized waste abandoned in Street. Based on the results, each cell was assigned a label that detects the amount of waste present, creating a map of the areas of the city by “risk areas”, that is, more or less affected by the phenomenon, and it was analyzed over time the variation of littering in each cell, thus measuring the effectiveness of the initiatives carried out to combat the abandonment of cigarette butts and promote virtuous behavior.

Meanwhile, the first data arriving from the JustonEarth satellite monitoring signal a positive trend in terms of reducing the littering of cigarette butts and small waste.

“We are really satisfied with the current results of the campaign which show, in the cities reached so far, a positive trend in terms of reducing the littering of cigarette butts and small waste. The combination of satellite technology, artificial intelligence and awareness actions has proved to be yet another time, the winning choice in the fight against pollution and in the protection of the territory. With the precious contribution of BAT and the collaboration with local realities, we at Marevivo will not stop working to improve the habits of citizens and to fight in defense of the sea and the environment “commented Raffaella Giugni, Head of Institutional Relations at Marevivo.

As can be seen from the images below, different areas of the city pass from a red color (high risk), detected in the monitoring carried out before the start of the campaign, to an orange / yellow color (medium risk), during the course of the campaign. The final and complete data will be presented on 6 October in Trieste as part of the “Barcolana Sea Summit”, also in the presence of institutional representatives and the Mayors of the cities that hosted the campaign.

Small gestures, great crimes

Below are the photos of the map of the Municipality of Salerno made with the JustonEarth artificial intelligence system, which indicates the areas (in orange) where small plastic waste and cigarette butts are most present.

PHOTO A (top) – Survey made before the start of the awareness campaign “Small gestures, great crimes” (July 7, 2022)