Garmin Vívoactive 5: A Comprehensive Yet Affordable Smartwatch

Garmin Vívoactive 5

Garmin introduces the Vívoactive 5 as the latest addition to its wearable tech line. Designed as a more budget-friendly option compared to the Venu 3, the Vívoactive 5 showcases several impressive advancements since the release of the Vivoactive 4 four years ago.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High-Resolution OLED Display: The watch boasts a 390 x 390 pixel OLED panel, a noticeable upgrade from the previous model’s transflective LCD, making it visually comparable to premium Garmin watches like the Venu 3 and Epix Pro.
  • Touchscreen Interface: Unlike its predecessor, the Vívoactive 5 is equipped with a touchscreen.
  • Connect IQ Support: Users will have access to Garmin’s dedicated app store, Connect IQ, with the software interface largely mirroring that of higher-end models.
  • Robust Design: The bezel is crafted from sturdy aluminum, while the remainder of the casing is made from durable “fibre-reinforced polymer” plastic.
  • GPS & Music: The watch features full GPS, ideal for outdoor workouts without a phone. Moreover, with 4GB memory, it supports music storage and playback on wireless headphones.
  • Custom Workouts & Advanced Features: Users can design custom workout routines on the watch itself. Additionally, it includes innovative features like workouts tailored for wheelchair users and an enhanced sleep tracker that can even detect short naps.

However, potential buyers should note certain distinctions from the Venu 3. The Vívoactive 5’s bezel is aluminum, contrasting the Venu 3’s stainless steel. The watch also lacks a barometric altimeter, relying on its GPS for altitude information.

Certain functionalities, like on-screen workout animations and specific cycling features, are not present. The battery life is approximately 11 days, with a reduction to five days when using the always-on display feature.

Pricing Insight

Offered at $299, the Garmin Vívoactive 5 is significantly more affordable than the $449 Venu 3. It emerges as an appealing choice for those seeking Garmin’s renowned functionality without the hefty price tag.