5 Genius Tips for Garmin Smartwatches (Part 4)

Genius Tips for Garmin Smartwatches

Garmin smartwatches offer tons of features. Introduces you to next 5 exciting ones

Tip 16: involves identifying the lactate threshold

Several models of Garmin smartwatches can ascertain your lactate threshold heart rate, which is the point where your body generates more lactate than it can metabolize, resulting in difficulty sustaining the intensity for a prolonged duration. This test aids the smartwatch in accurately determining your heart rate zones. To execute the test, connect the watch to a chest strap and perform a running workout. The process involves:

  1. Initiate a running session, and then long-press the middle right button (menu) to access the available choices.
  2. Choose the Training option, and then select the Lactate threshold test. Commence the activity and adhere to the given directives.
  3. After the test concludes, your Garmin smartwatch will prompt you to update the heart rate zones according to the lactate threshold heart rate.

Tip 17 advises obtaining additional information from Garmin online

The Garmin Connect mobile app provides a wealth of information on your physical health and sports endeavors, but in comparison to the Garmin Connect web portal, it’s straightforward. To explore the extensive range of features, navigate to the web page, log in using your Garmin account details, and discover the possibilities.

Tip 18: Discover a nearby running community

Although Garmin Connect’s primary purpose is to monitor your physical activity, you can also seek out and become a part of different groups, ranging from running clubs to MTB enthusiasts. To join a group, access the Garmin Connect web portal and navigate to the Groups option in the lower left corner. Enter your town/city’s name and press enter to view a list of the discovered groups. Select either Join Group or Request to Join Group, indicate who you wish to share your data with, and confirm by clicking Save. Once you have joined a group, you can track how other members are progressing towards their fitness objectives, whether it’s in terms of kilometers run, calories burned, or total steps taken. The information is presented in the form of a leaderboard, introducing a competitive element that can serve as an additional motivator.

Tip 19: Generate a PacePro regimen tailored for runners

To devise a PacePro schedule for a long-distance run or a race, the system establishes a time target for each segment (e.g., per kilometer) based on the total distance’s targeted time and the section’s elevation gain, considering if it’s uphill or downhill. Additionally, you can indicate that you want to commence slowly and then intensify your pace later. Overall, the function ensures that you do not begin too quickly, preserving ample reserves for later in the race. This is how PacePro functions:

Obtain the course as a GPX file. It doesn’t matter whether you use a route planner from Garmin, Komoot, or Strava. Load the GPX file into Garmin Connect (website) by selecting Workouts, Courses, and Import in the dashboard on the left.

  1. Open the course, select Create PacePro Strategy, and then follow the instructions provided by the wizard.
  2. Once you have completed your PacePro strategy, save it and transmit the track to your smartwatch by clicking the Send to device icon.
  3. Begin a running session on your watch, access Options, Training, PacePro Plans, and choose a plan.

Tip 20: Retrofit missing sports

If your Garmin smartwatch does not have a profile for your favorite sport, such as soccer or tennis, there are two ways to address this issue:

  1. Check the Garmin IQ store to see if an app for the desired activity profile is available for download. You can access the store through the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone by selecting More and then Garmin IQ Shop. After selecting your device, enter the name of the sport you are looking for, such as “Tennis,” in the search field and download the corresponding app.
  2. Create your own activity profile. To do so, open the activity list on the smartwatch by pressing the top right button, scroll up one step, and select Add. If you cannot find the desired sport on the list, choose Copy activity. For instance, select Running, give the new profile a name of your choice, customize the training pages and other settings as desired, and save the new profile by selecting Done. You can then set the new profile as a favorite if you wish.