Garmin inReach analysis of 10,000 SOS incidents

Garmin inReach analysis of 10,000 SOS incidents

Since 2011, Garmin inReach satellite technology has been helping people around the world stay connected beyond mobile phone service. In the past 11 years, help following an emergency call on an inReach device has transformed the lives of more than 10,000 people.

Where are SOS incidents initiated from?

In an emergency, an online SOS message can be sent to a Garmin 24/7 emergency response centre. Trained staff are available to respond to messages, track devices and coordinate assistance with emergency services. Garmin Response keeps people connected until help arrives or they no longer need assistance.

With 100% global coverage of the Iridium satellite network, the SOS signal can be activated worldwide. Visualisation of incidents points to mountainous areas such as the Pacific Crest Trail in the western United States, the Alps in Europe and almost all of New Zealand. SOS incidents have also occurred in the South Pacific and northern Canada.

What do people do when an SOS is triggered?

Garmin inReach analysis of 10,000 SOS incidents

Here are the top five activities that people do most often when they trigger an inReach SOS alarm:

  1. Hiking/climbing
  2. Driving
  3. Motorcycling
  4. Rock Climbing/Alpinism
  5. Boating

In many car accidents, people just need help. Seemingly normal situations, such as car journeys, can quickly become alarming.

Other activities for which inReach users have activated SOS include winter sports, off-road motorcycling, flying, rafting, horse riding and more.

Why do people trigger SOS?

Garmin inReach analysis of 10,000 SOS incidents

Injuries are the main reason (30%) why inReach users trigger an SOS. The most common emergencies are related to broken bones, lacerations and injuries from falls. Altitude sickness, heart and gastrointestinal problems account for 17% of SOS calls.

The top five reasons why people call SOS inReach are:

  1. Injury
  2. A medical issue
  3. Accident
  4. Stuck/misplaced
  5. Problem with the vehicle

Other causes include natural disasters (forest fires, hurricanes and avalanches); the effects of hypo- or hyperthermia; problems with the vehicle (ship or car breakdowns, machinery failure). People also resort to inReach when they are lost or stranded.

Who do people call for an SOS?

Garmin inReach analysis of 10,000 SOS incidents

Although many SOS incidents involve actual inReach owners, nearly two-thirds of emergency messages are made for a third party, such as a member of a subscriber group.

Thus, it is important to carry inReach with you because you never know who or what you might encounter when you find yourself out of range of a mobile network.

The following 10,000 SOS incidents

The inReach Global SOS Incident Map really showcases the power of inReach devices and how technology provides vital assistance. Garmin remains committed to creating innovative products designed for everyone with an active lifestyle.