Garmin unveils affordable Forerunner 55 beginner’s running watch

This is a relatively inexpensive GPS-enabled watch

Garmin has unveiled the new Forerunner 55 smart running watch. It’s a relatively inexpensive GPS-enabled model aimed at beginners.

The watch measures your heart rate and uses a GPS receiver to determine distance, speed and coordinates during your run. However, as the manufacturer points out, the easy-to-use watch offers advanced features to monitor and improve workout performance, rather than just measuring pace and heart rate. The novelty gives personalised prompts and daily recommended workouts based on the user’s exercise history and fitness level.

The watch also features health monitoring functions such as sports age, 24-hour breath monitoring and more. To track different types of activity, there are built-in profiles for running, cycling, stadium running, virtual running, swimming in the pool, pilates, HIIT, breathing exercises and so on.

The integrated recovery time function gives you a recommended rest time after each training session before the next intensive session. For runners, there’s a race prediction and an estimated finish time. The proprietary PacePro feature offers GPS-based pace recommendations for the selected distance in the Garmin Connect app.

Battery life reaches 2 weeks in smart watch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode. The watch is available in black, white and blue for a price of $200 in the US.