Garmin released a crossbow sight with laser rangefinder XERO X1i

The digital rifle scope with automatic range switching and 3.5X magnification automatically measures the distance to the target.
With the push of a single button, you can measure target ranges up to 230 meters and reflective targets up to 460 meters.

The illuminated sight automatically adjusts brightness depending on light conditions, allowing you to see a target that is not blocked by a reticle. Depending on your crossbow’s speed, the Xero X1i can automatically calibrate all aiming points up to 73m, providing quick and easy adjustment.

The Laser Locate waypoint projection feature works with compatible Garmin devices to show the exact location of the target while shooting or determining the range; this helps you search for arrows or track targets. Device owners will be able to create custom arrow profiles with unique rows of aiming points for each setting. The Target Lock and Steady Shot features aid range determination and improve targeting for improved accuracy.

A built-in compass, angle meter and rangefinder record shot or range data and interface with a compatible Garmin GPS device to display the exact location of the target at the point of shot or range determination. Steady Aim and Aim Point Level provide up-to-date targeting information to help shooters of all levels improve accuracy; Flight Apex shows the peak point of the arrow’s trajectory.

It costs €1,799.99