Garmin launches a smart watch that doesn’t need a charger

On 9 February, Garmin released a new series of smartwatches called Instinct 2. It includes several models that differ in design and features. The models called Instinct 2S have a 40mm screen and the Instinct 2 models have a 45mm screen. All models offer a range of basic functions (GPS navigation, heart rate monitor, alerts, etc.) and special functions for different purposes.

The Instinct 2 series includes the following models:

Standard Editions is the basic model with a rugged case and Garmin navigation services;

Camo Editions features a camouflage pattern;

Surf Editions are suitable for people who like surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding;

dēzl Editions are for fitness and sport enthusiasts who require workout tips, calorie counting, body condition monitoring, etc.

Tactical Editions are issued for the military and in addition to increased durability (MIL-STD-810 standard) offer tactical functions such as the screen being visible in the night vision device and in stealth mode the GPS and other communication modules are disabled.

Garmin notes that the Instinct 2 gadgets feature long operating times. For example, the regular version runs for up to 65 days in economy mode or up to 30 hours in GPS navigation mode. The Standard and Tactical models are available in two versions: Standard and Solar. The Solar version can run indefinitely (in smartwatch mode) thanks to the solar battery (the name Solar underlines this) if spent outside in sunny weather for 3 hours.

The new Garmin is available to order from the manufacturer’s website.

The cost of the Instinct 2 smartwatch depends on the version and ranges from $350 to $500. The most affordable Standard Editions model costs $350, while the Tactical Editions with a 45mm screen and solar panel costs $500.

This is the kind of Garmin smartwatch currently available: